Charities Need to be More Financially Transparent: Discuss

13 June 2013

Research indicates that 61% of donors think charities don't spend enough on their cause. And 33% are put off by bad publicity about the charity sector*.

Charities wanting to engage supporters and maintain/increase income need to be transparent in their activities, in order to gain confidence and trust from their donors and supporters.

Tune into this Third Sector webinar for key strategies to:

1) Develop best practices for maintaining transparency as a core value;
2) Discover the role transparency plays in attracting donors and corporate partners;
3) Understand how transparency affects the public perception of your charity.
4) Hear a case study from Self Help Africa on how they implemented a worldwide reporting solution that enabled transparency to donors and greater visibility at Head Office.

*Report by NFP Synergy (December 2012)

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Alison Cowan

Job Title: Global Finance Manager
Company: Self Help Africa

Isaac Dwek

Job Title: Charity Specialist
Company: PS Financials

Nicola Dodd

Job Title: Head of PR and Social Media
Company: Cancer Research UK