Driving Value Through Effective Monitoring And Evaluation

21 November 2013

Amid government cuts and increased competition, charities are under mounting pressure to demonstrate outcomes and prove their worth to donors and society.

But for many, monitoring and evaluation is a daunting process. How complex is it? Is it time intensive? How much is it going to cost?

Whatever your size or budget, tune into this live webinar where we will explore how you can effectively manage, monitor and evidence your activity to boost value and improve performance. Our expert speakers will provide actionable insights and answers to your key questions.

  • Demystifying monitoring and evaluation: what’s involved, how does it work and how can it drive value?
  • Understand the rewards and challenges associated with creating a tailored impact measurement system for your organisation
  • Learn how to evidence your success, demonstrate outcomes and attract more funding

60 minutes
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Lindsey Horsfield

Job Title: Head of Research
Company: The Homeless FA
Lindsey joined the Homeless FA to lead their research, monitoring and evaluation, having previously been Chair of the Board. The Homeless FA’s mission is to be England’s leading voice for sport-for-development initiatives involving those socially excluded through homelessness. Lindsey is currently preparing for her doctoral thesis viva with Brunel University. Her research critically examines the impact of playing football on people experiencing homelessness in England, looking at local, national and international playing contexts. As part of this work she also considers the various pressures on charities seeking to evidence their impact. She hopes that her research has practical application in the field of homeless football for funders, policy makers and practitioners.

Pete Fitzboydon

Job Title: Director of Business Operations
Company: Football Foundation
Pete has held various positions at the Football Foundation since joining the charity in 2004 and is currently its Director of Business Operations. After heading up the Foundation’s M&E Team, Pete become Director of Performance and Strategy, delivering a be-spoke performance management system for the organisation in 2008. Pete then turned his attention to utilising technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation’s monitoring and evaluation. Instead of creating ‘yet another online tool’ that funders ‘thrust upon’ the organisations they fund, Pete drew on the social media models of Facebook and Twitter to design a system that provides monitoring data to funders, by motivating people ‘on the ground’ to use it because it genuinely makes their lives easier. The Foundation have now made this system, Upshot, available to the wider not-for-profit world and Pete is very interested in learning from other organisations’ experiences and requirements to manage, monitor and evidence their work.

Peter Taylor

Job Title: Professor of Sports Economics
Company: Sheffield Hallam University
Peter is professor of sport economics at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) and co-director of the University’s Sport Industry Research Centre (SIRC) (www.shu.ac.uk/research/sirc) As well as his positions at SHU, Peter is also technical consultant to Sport England’s National Benchmarking Service for sport and leisure centres. Recent research carried out by Peter includes the impact of child protection legislation on volunteers in sport, numerous evaluations focused on 'what works' in increasing sports participation and using a Social Return on Investment (SROI) approach to assess the impact of initiatives and grants. Peter is also an expert in volunteering, evaluation design and delivery (both quantitative and qualitative), a Social Return on Investment (SROI) accredited practitioner and a project director and expert advisor on the economics of sport, volunteering and performance management.
Moderated by:

Georgia Cockerell

Job Title: Head of Content
Company: Third Sector Insight
Georgia joined Haymarket Business Media in 2011. She is responsible for creating innovative content and events across various B2B markets within Haymarket, ranging from renewable energy through to marcomms, including heading up the production for Third Sector Insight. In terms of products, Georgia's remit covers video, online streaming, webcasts, interactive virtual summits, DVDs and websites. Georgia will draw on her experience within the charity space to ensure your most pressing questions are fielded in the webcast.