Post Games Volunteers and Their Wider Role Within Your Charity

23 May 2013

Off the back of the Olympics in London, 2012 was the year of the volunteer – especially amongst young people. Attracting engaging and retaining these individuals is not easy, but huge dividends are payable to anyone who does it well.

Volunteers are often public facing and essential to the service provision, fundraising, and brand image of charities, but hanging onto them requires a plan. Tune into this Third Sector webinar to hear top tips for:

* Retaining your best volunteers through personal development programmes;
* Making advancements in service provision and driving positive social impact, PR, or fundraising opportunities through effective volunteer engagement;
* Improve transparency and support structures through having a comprehensive overview of every volunteer’s activities.

This webinar is essential for anyone working within a charity supported by volunteers.

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Tiger de Souza

Job Title: Head of Volunteering
Company: NSPCC